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26 Ottobre 2021 - 14:48
Tunisia, a small Country in the north of African continent, but with a great history in its past, traced from all the civilizations that have crossed it, Phonecians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans and French, concurs the traveller, who visit it, to have numerous cues of interest to discover. Even if today the beaches are the greater attraction of tourist callback, the Country has many things to offer, beginning from archaeological sites going back to 2500 years ago, but it is also the door of the Sahara desert, with its wonderful landscapes and the occasion to know the culture of Maghreb, also thanks to the hospitality of its people. Moreover, the political stability make it a place easy to cross and with efficient services.

For this Country we have developed four routes in 4x4 and others for MTB and Trekkers...
We have divided the routes in different types to second of the several requirements:

-Tunisia #1 (History and Culture) 14 Days
-Tunisia #2 (Classic) 10 Days
(still in Italian, sorry!! But under translation)
-Tunisia #3 (Sand) 10 Days
-Tunisia #4 (Grand Tour) 17 Days
-Tunisia MTB
-Tunisia Trek#

The first two routes are easy and dedicate to who never have been in Africa but wants to begin to approach itself to this wonderful continent in a calm way; they are most feasible also with children ibecause are carried out mostly on asphalt and the courses in off-road are of low difficulty, not excessive long and however near inhabited zones, without to loose the feeling of adventure and freedom that here already it is breathed. The third and fourth is for who already knows Tunisia or wants to dedicate time to have a driving experience on sand in order to think to travels more engaged, in fact they are carried out mainly inside the north of the Great East Erg.
Also the distances in MTB are of varied nature and difficulties and they are carried out between first dunes of the Erg, in the huge Salt Lake or on the mountains of Matmata and the region of the Ksur, or across the Mountain Oasis (Tamerza, Mides..) between incredible panoramas.
Same thing is said for the trekking.
Moreover, in order to rest itself from the "hard work" in the desert, all these routes can obviously be bound together with bathing weeks in the localities of the coast, in resorts of optimal level.

Here you can read diary of one of our past travel in Tunisia (only Italian, sorry!!)

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