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Our great love for Africa, for travels and more in a generalized manner, for a particular way in which we want to see, discover, enjoy of the wonders of our planet, has pushed us to create Pangea Crossing.

Pangea Crossing is a brand of Business Class Travel Service, an italian travel agency, and is born in order to plan, manage and realize travels by 4x4, Suv, Motorbike, Quad/ATV and not only......, throughout lands where, because their particularity, is needed, not only in the phase of preparation, the support of specialistic and expert staff.
Moreover for those who love the "extreme slow travel " we organize trekkings and tours in MTB, to enjoy, with rhythms even more slow, the incredible landscapes, history and cultures much different from ours. All this in order to render the whichever travel, also the most difficult, possible to anyone. The planning, the organization and the realization of our travels are followed, in all the details, by ours staff, coordinated by:

Alessandro Centofanti


Paolo Pasquato.

The collaboration with Business Class, guarantees high standard quality service and the total professionality and safety. Business Class has its agencies in Italy:
Via di Val Tellina, 11/13/15 - 00151 Rome
phone/fax +39 06 58205903
Infoline: +39 393 9329087
e.mail: infomonteverde@bcts.it
and in:
Piazza Pio XI, 51/52 - 00165 Rome
phone +39 06 66019318 - Fax +39 06 66045049
Infoline: +39 393 9254692
e.mail: infoaurelio@bcts.it
email: info@bcts.it

What we make.

Our Organization, planning the own travels, supplies the following services:
* All bureaucracy to income in the countries to visit and relative attendance to customs.
* Flight tickets.
* Renting of 4x4 with or without driver.
* Ship passages from Italy for persons and motor vehicles, to the conditions that will be chosen from the single participants, proposing various solutions and different good rates.
* Accomodation, where possible, in the best lodges and camps.
* Expert local guides, where necessary.
In the Africans travels:
* A hot meal in the evening and breakfast, plus the full board for the passengers who travel on the motor vehicles of the organization and for the unprovided motorcyclists of personal support vehicle.
* Mechanical attendance of first participation and eventual repatriation of the vehicle in case of greater problem.
* European sanitary insurance, for the total cover of medical and sanitary expenses, included the eventual repatriation.
* Moreover, for who wish to have this experience, but does not have the necessary time to transfers from Italy/Africa/Italy his own vehicle (for some travels it may need 6/7 days) we organize this transfer.
In this way you can reach your vehicle directly in Africa (where you will arrive and leave by plane) and have back it in Italy, at the end of the travel, with the advantage to save every day necessary to this phase. ______________________________________________________________________________

How we organize our travels

The organization starts several weeks in advance, at least 2 months before (depending on the difficulty), we propose routes already wide tested and studied, but all the participants will give suggestion to the definitive planning of the travel, based on the own requirements. All the travels will be subject to a minimal number of adhesions, that will be communicated to the participants during the phase of preparation of the travel.

The vehicles of property of the participants, depending of the degree of difficulty and the length of the travel, will have to satisfy some technical characteristics and should have the adequate preparation for the type of travel that is in order to do; a particular preparation, however, will be advised only in case of effective necessity, to be able to exceed with wide safety margin and tranquillity the eventual difficulties that could be met during the travel, However Pangea Crossing will supply the necessary support also in this phase, putting at disposal of the participants the own experience.

Before the departure a list of materials will be prepared, personal equipment and necessary accessories, depending on the destination, on the length and on the difficulty of the travel.
In case of Africans travels, the common materials will be redistributed fairly between all the vehicles of the expedition in order to to avoid useless doubles quantity and to reduce the most possible overload of single vehicle, many of these materials make however part of the standard equipment of our vehicles and will be at disposal of the group. Anyhow the neophytes will be assisted and advised during the organization of their first travel, since the first moments, while, who is already expert will be directly involved in the planning and realization of his travel.

How we want to travel

The philosophy of Pangea Crossing is to recreate every time, the same atmosphere that make unforgettable an "adventurous" travel with a group of friends.

In our travels there is necessity of a minimal sense of adaptation to a kind of life sometimes not much comfortable, in some routes, especially the most difficult, we will visit some places non very haunted, where the hotels and the tourist structures sometimes can be devoid or quite absent; for this reason, where it will be opportune, we will do camps (our fantastic 1000 stars Hotel). Firmly we are convinced that a group very amalgamated, in harmony with the atmosphere, the environment and well organized, can make the difference; just for this reason, the human aspect and the peculiarities of the single individuals, are for us an important priority. We will try to share and to transfer to all the participants our experience, so that anyone will be in condition to become as soon as possible independent and useful to the entire group.

Our motor vehicles

In all travels (especially in the Africans one) the organization with motor vehicle, depending on the number of the participants and on the length of the travel, will supply all the necessary support to the group, from the first moments until the final day. Our 4WD vehicles are perfectly prepared and equipped for this type of use, is equipped with instrumentation GPS, satellite phone, equipments for mechanical assistance, first medical aid, abundant fuel supplyes and water etc, moreover will act as logistic support and for the transport of trekkers and bikers and for passengers without an own vehicle.
Our vehicle are:
2-Land Rover Defender 90
1-Land Rover Defender 110
And others 4x4 vehicles with or without driver,
for all the destinations reachable with own vehicle from Italy.


... we want that each our companion of adventure feel like beeing the absolute protagonist of the travel...... our dream is that everybody finally returns being more a traveller than a tourist... ______________________________________________________________________________

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