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24 Settembre 2021 - 00:12
Excluded from the tourist circuits for some years, the Libia offers now to the curious traveller a "virgin" country, rich of archaeological attractions and not contaminated landscapes. The lovers of the desert will be able to cover one of the more fascinating regions of the Sahara, that conserve the memories of a rich remote past full of suggestions: thousand of paintings constitute one of the greatest open sky museums of the world, while all around cliffs, eroded from the time and enormous golden sand dunes, wrap us in the warmth embrace of Africa.

We have subdivided the routes in different types, why, considering the vastness of the territory, it is unthinkable to see everything in a single travel, less than you do not have much time to disposition, for this reason we have subdivided the historical cultural tour in the North along the Mediterranean coast, from those in the South, more specifically dedicates to the discovery of the true Sahara.
The South has been subdivided in two, East and the West. The East side, is much less attended than the West one, but not for this less interesting. We find there the wonders of the volcano Waw an Amous with its sand black&white and the oasis of Al Khofra, the Erg of Rhebiana and the Great Sea Sand that arrives until Egypt. To the West instead we find the mythical Ghadames, the Idhan (Erg) Ubari that with the Murzuq, with its enormous and huge dunes, the Rhebiana and the Great Sea Sand, form the four enormous Erg of the Libyan Sahara desert; the fantastic Ghat, the incredible Jebel Acacus with its incredible landscapes and its unique rock paintings, the Msak Settafet with its wonderful graffiti and the Salty Lakes of the Ramla of the Dauada.
In order to travel by car in the south of the Libya we must think to have a little preparation for our vehicles, because the distances to cover are remarkable and sometimes the roads are in a very bad conditions, we must have adequate reservoirs of fuel and water in order to catch up some little attended zones, for this reason the reliability of the vehicles is a very importabt priority for us.
For who wants instead to live the desert with the times of the Touareg, we organize trekkings or expeditions "aboard" of camels, in Acacus and Mathandoush, with flights on Djanet or Sebha.

Here there are the details for each single proposal:

(still in Italian, sorry!! But under translation)

Libia mediterranean coast (History and Culture) 16 days
Libia #1 (Waw an Namous) 20 days
Libia #2 (South-East) 20 days
Libia #3 (South-West) 16 days

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Here you can to read some diaries of our travels in Libia (only in Italian)

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