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24 Settembre 2021 - 00:12
Thanks to the huge extension of its territory, Algeria constitutes the junction point between two completely various worlds. This its peculiarity alone it's enough for a travel in Algeria, because it makes possible to live the passage from a still Mediterranean Africa, where the blue of the sea that fades in the white of the buildings of Algeri to the arid sites of the Sahara that finishes to the margins of the savane of black Africa. A new world, an unusual dimension of one hidden beauty and unexpected still all to discover. Unfortunately, because of the civil war long eight years, Algeria has not been more in a position to satisfying the necessary conditions for a normal tourist flows and only now Algeria, or better the zone of the Algerian Sahara, reopens the doors to a tourism never truly stopped at all.

3 are our routes, one for 4WD (that stars and finish in Italy) and 2 trekkings on the plateau of the Tassili.

(still in Italian, sorry!! But under translation)
  • Algeria South-East (4x4)
    A travel of several km (approximately 8.000) through one of the more famous regions of the Sahara.

  • Trekking #1
  • Trekking #2.
    2 distances of various length, on the plateau of the Tassili, where there are no roads and by force we must "walk", to the discovery of incredible rock paintings, cypresses millenarians, with the times and the rhythms of the Touareg. The trekking are assisted by local Touareg guides, we will forme small caravan with asses that will transport all the necessary for the camps, the galley, the reservoirs of water and the part of your baggages heavier.
    A unique and irripetibile adventure.

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