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26 Ottobre 2021 - 14:04
Tunisia #1
Histoty and Culture

Description of the travel:
We will enter in contact of the main Historical, naturalistic and cultural aspects of Tunisia.
From the splendid roman ruins of Dougga, to the table of Giugurta, the Coloseum of El Djem, the outposts of the ancient "Limes Tripolitanus", to the abandoned blockhouses of the French foreign legion, to traces of the battles of the second world war, to the mountain oases, the salt lake, until Douz, the door of the desert.

Difficulty: null
Suitable for: 4x4, SUV, Moyorbike
Necessary fuel for 300 km
Minimal N° of participants: 8

Genoa or Civitavecchia - Tunisi - Dougga
Dougga - Dougga
Dougga - Table of Giugurta
Table of Giugurta - Midès
Midès - Chott el Djerid
Chott el Djerid - Douz
Douz - Djebel Tebaga (blockhouses)
Matmata - tour of the ksour - Matmata
Matmata - El Djem - Mahdia
Mahdia - Nabeul
Nabeul - Tunisi (Cartagine)
Tunisi - Genoa or Civitavecchia

Ruins of Dougga [ i]© Pangea Crossing 2007[/i ]

Coloseum of El Djem [ i]© Pangea Crossing 2007[/i ]


day 1:
Meeting to the port of Genoa or Civitavecchia, departure, navigation

day 2
Arrival in the port of Tunisi, La Goulette, customs formalities, Reorder outside the port, transfer to Teboursuq in hotel.

day 3:
Visit of the roman ruins of Dougga.

day 4:
Transfer and visit of the Table of Giugurta, camp on mountains in the outskirtses of Haidra.

day 5:
Arrival, visit and night's passing in Midès, mountain oasis, where we can admired the canyon, the palm grove, the waterfalls.

day 6:
We descend towards the Chott el Djerid (if we are only 4WD vehicles can cover the famous "track of Rommel"), passage from Nefta, tour of the Salty Lake (if dry on track, if humid on asphalt). Arrival to Douz, the mythical "door of the desert". Night's passing in camping.

days 7,8.9:
We will advance across the Djebel Tebaga, where we will find sinks, blockhouses of the French Foreign Legion and of Roman Age, traces of events della second world war. We will make camp in the desert. To half of ninth we will arrival to Matmata, "trog" village, from the typical rooms dug under earth. Night's passing in hotel.

day 10:
Visit of some Ksour, villages mountain Berbers, return to Matmata and night's passing in the same hotel.

day 11:
Transfer on asphalt to El Djem, where we will visit the roman amphitheater. Arrival in evening to Mahdia, bathing locality, where we will spend the night in hotel.

day 12:
Transfer to Nabeul, native land of the ceramics, where we will be able to directly make purchases in the production places. Night's passing in camping. Possibility to spend the night in Hotel close to the camping.

day 13:
Transfer to Tunisi, possibility of visit of the medina or Cartagine. In evening reordering to the port of the Goulette. Formality of customs, boarding and departure.

day 14:
Navigation. Arrival to Genoa or Civitavecchia. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

-Pilot on own car: 1.250€
-Pilot motorbike: 1.150€
-Passenger on own car: 990€
-Passenger on car of organization: 1.080€
-Supplement flight for/from Tunisi: upon request *
-Registration rate: 25€

The Fee Includes:
- Passage in Ship in double cabin from and to Italy.
- All lodge (3 stars or more) with treatment of 1/2 board.
- All the campings.
- In the camps, a warm meal the evening and the breakfast the morning.
- In the camps, full board for the passegners on the carsof the organization.
- In the camps, full board for the motorcyclists without 4x4 of support.
- local Guides.
- First mechanical participation.
- The use of the satellite telephone
- Travel insurances .
- All the bureaucratic practical.

The Fee Not Includes:
The fuel. The tolls. The meal where not indicated. The drinks. The extras. The Tips. The tickets for the museums and the parks. The cost of the telephone calls and all expenses not indicated in "[ b]The Fee Includes[/b ]".

-If the organization accepted to modify the route, on preventive and unanimous demand for the participants, the costs could have variations based on the new characteristic and duration of the travel.
- In the case of preconstituted groups that catch up the minimum number of participants requested for this travel, an extra discount will be applied

* The cost of the flight will be calculated at the moment of the reservation,, because the fluctuation of the rates from Airlines.

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Table of Giugurta © Pangea Crossing 2007

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