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26 Ottobre 2021 - 13:02
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Originally our decision was not to speak or write about our project, till it wasn’t properly started or, even better, completed, but then we realized that such an ambitious project is, practically, never close to be finished, therefore we decided to start spreading information about it, so that it could begin living immediately its own life.
The (banal !) idea was to tour the world…, at the beginning it was by sailing boat, for in that moment sailing was our priority, the only “means” we owned able to put us in close connection with planet and nature, and because sailing was the only thing we did in life and free time, therefore we spent years in designing our “perfect boat”, a 60’ cutter totally equipped for blue waters (nothing to do with those fancy kind of "floating hotel rooms" so trendy from the nineties), with bow and stern watertight bulkheads, wind helm, wind generator and solar energy panel, double systems and spare equipment for each installation, plus other characteristics typical of our approach for the ideal fitting of means able to cross and to live aboard in comfort and safety.
Afterwards, that mode slowly started changing, thanks to circumstances which led us towards new horizons, and our ideal means became an Expedition Vehicle (as 4x4 truck/camper are named), which would have been at the side of our fully equipped Defender Land Rover not suitable for a world tour purpose (in the meantime our beloved and beautiful Comet 375 has been sold by the family…today the dinghy is the only survived!).

At that time our African rallies had already started since a while, then some years ago we launched Pangea Crossing web site, to promote a different way to travel, to see and to get inspired by the amazing world around us, letting yourself completely sinking into the nature and the planet, becoming a part of the whole, with an outdate approach (at least for those years), not exactly matching the criteria ordered by the consumerist society; we wanted to travel slowly, with awareness, and trying our best to be connected and in contact with nature and people, and with the huge heritage left by the different ancient cultures.

The name of our project was found, Pangea Crossing, just because these two words were perfectly matching our secret and ambitious future project: travelling permanently, while "diving into" and "breathing closely" rocks, deserts, water courses, outback, plants, coral reefs, mountains, towns, wild animals…practically trying to see as much as possible, to hit the road and experiencing a nomadic life fully disconnected from the false-needing imposed by the city life rhythms, and to achieve crossing all continents on earth.

Pangea was the name of the ancient and unique continent of dry land existing on the Earth 300.000.000 years ago, exactly between late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic; afterwards subsequently to movements of the Earth’s crust (continental drift) some lands started splitting (100.000.000 years later), giving birth to continents as we know them nowadays, and taking slowly place in the actual position. We expect them moving further during the future centuries and millennia, but at the moment this doesn’t really matter that much…..

A two words name to summarize this big project….

Sure, crossing Pangea with a relatively small truck is a possible idea, the dream of a lot of people, and many of them are physically achieving it right now, there’s a huge community of permanent travelers.
Pangea is not a whole continent anymore, hence loading the truck on ships, cargo, or ferries to cross open seas between continents will be necessary; in our case this is a very good plus, in order to keep a close contact with one of our favorite elements, water.

We live in Rome, Caput Mundi (Head of the World) as Latins called it, and we couldn’t imagine a better starting point…..

The Itinerary

Here below, a draft of the ideal route we are imagining for our dream world tour, still very aware of the fact that social, political and religious tensions (real, or inducted by the Global Power for shabby economical interests) may arise/increase/get worse, and then could make it not practicable exactly as scheduled. Anyhow, you’ll find completed details in the dedicated page.

Starting from Rome, reaching Africa driving through Spain/Morocco, go down till Ivory Coast, from here crossing horizontally Africa to reach east coast (Ethiopia, from where Homo Sapiens started with his colonization of the planet), then go down south direction zigzagging among centre Africa countries till reaching South Africa.
(itinerary to be completed)

An itinerary plan like this looks very feasible and logic, and today we firmly believe it will be. Naturally, we are fully aware of the huge difficulties of any kind that may arise before and during the realization of this dream, as we are fully aware and ready to easily modify routes, plans, time schedules, etc, that much likely will occur, but dreaming doesn’t cost money, is affordable, and sometime dreams happen to come true, too…..

..where starting from?...

First thing to do to start operate with the project was to find a good means, able to drive us for a long time, through the most different territories.
It should have been definitely 4x4, simple and easy to maintain, rigid and reliable, with proper dimension for long term and comfortable life aboard, but still as much compact as possible for easy driving.

First option we considered was a good 4x4 trailer, as available in South Africa or Australia, to be towed by our perfectly equipped for long raids Land Rover, in order to get those comforts we still were missing on the small English offroad car; but the pros-and-cons ratio (long appendages with low maneuverability limit, still sleeping in a tent) made us change idea quite soon.
There was only one option left: go for a truck!!!!

We quickly had to learn and to improve our knowledge on this type of means, looking for something suitable for our project both for mechanical characteristics, dimension and cost.

(to be completed)

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